Digital Media Debate

Earlier this week I attended the Digital Media Debate organized by the Worshipful Company of Marketors and the Worshipful Company of Stationers.

The debate was managed by Venetia Howes and the speakers were

Some interesting issues were discussed, here are the highlights:

Where are we now with digital media?

•    Social media has only really been around for 10 years.
•    The application is free, the costs are in its management.
•    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, there are many people selling digital media advice and training with little experience or knowledge which means that people can get it wrong, with bad advice.
•    Social networking is not serious enough, can we get an alternative word, ‘social’ networking makes people think of one very particular application.
•    People solve their own problems online by searching for them.
•    We like the Brands we buy rather than buying the brands we like.
•    The Internet enables people to interact without social embarrassment.

Where are we going with digital marketing?
•    Customers expect more from brands and customer expectations will continue to increase.
•    It’s essential to start with brand values.
•    We need models of better predictability and better understanding of our behaviour.
•    We will be forced as marketers to create better models.

Join the debate - what's your prediction of the future? Earlier in the year I listed predictions for Facebook - but what about LinkedIn and other digital campaign tools?

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