Facebook Developments and the Future

At the Social Media World Forum I listened to David Parfect from Facebook. He’s the UK Sales Manager and shared how Facebook is working for companies.

The key issue with all social media is that it’s about scale, illustrated in these two slides from David Parfect's presentation:

In the UK there are around 29 million active users of Facebook. These are people who log onto Facebook at least once a month. Of these, 10 million are mobile users – who says you can’t use Facebook at work?

The daily reach is 14 million in the UK, that’s a bigger audience than the first episode of the X-Factor and more than those watching the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa.

New product development: Vitamin Water sought opinions from fans on their US Facebook page to develop a new favour developed

New product opportunities: Facebook supports many applications and one, Farmville, has over 80 million users.

Facebook Deals: Generating real results. Alton Towers used Facebook Deals to drive 5000 people in the UK to its doors, as a test.

What’s the future for Facebook and Social Media?

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