3 ways to increase online customer engagement

Best practice examples of online customer engagement.

With more channels than ever before, brands have ever increasing opportunities to directly connect with and engage customers. Each day increasingly more content is produced and posted, making the job of being seen by and engaging with your customers ever more challenging. A successful online eCommerce brand is ASOS who have managed to build a business which has a turnover exceeding £1 billion. The key to ASOS’ successful customer engagement online is based on a number of factors, including online best practice and creativity, which has seen their sales increase year on year. Below we’ve highlighted three of the ways they have improved their online customer engagement, to give you ideas about how you can implement these strategies in your own business.

#1 Update social media channels regularly

ASOS posts to its Instagram channels several times per day. They use exciting and engaging images to promote products or sales. The focus of the posts is on style, fashion, and beauty to engage their audience, offering more than just a sales push to encourage engagement on their channels. This has helped to grow their Facebook following to over 4 million fan. Each post generates hundreds of likes. They respond, super-fast, to comments. The value that ASOS include in their posts – by offering customers tips on how to wear certain items, or upcoming trends – is also a great way to encourage posts to be shared, increasing the brand’s overall awareness online.

#2 Interact

Another way ASOS has increased customer engagement online is by posting questions on its social channels. The social media teams at the brand try to engage with every single comment left, making their customers feel that their involvement is valued by the business and helping to improve customer/brand dialogue. It also helps their service appear genuine, and shows that the brand is posting positive, fun interactions around fashion based posts, and dealing with any issues or complaints that customers post online.

Giving your customers a reason to interact with your posts is key to increasing your online engagement.

#3 Staying topical

Writing topical questions around Love Island, Wimbledon, or Fashion Week, keeps ASOS’ posts relevant, interesting and encourages customers to engage with their posts. Whilst competition based posts are usually the most effective at generating engagement, you don’t always have to make your posts about winning something. Added tips and tricks are also hugely valued by your customer base as long as they’re relevant to your target market.

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