LinkedIn Top Companies 2017

Discover where the UK wants to work now.

With competition for jobs, and notable skills gap shortages in the digital marketing sector growing, competition to attract the best talent has never been so strong. LinkedIn recently compiled a roundup of the UK’s top 25 companies to work in, based on a range of factors from job applications, employee engagement and retention. Below we’ve summarised the reasons the top companies have ranked as high as they have.

Top 5 companies

One of the common themes that all the companies in the top five (John Lewis Partnership, ASOS, Arcadia Group, Harrods and Liberty Global) of LinkedIn’s list share is their focus on online retail and development. Harrods has said during their recruitment process they’re looking for candidates to demonstrate a mix of retail and technology skills. Including looking at skill sets including digital marketers, UX designers, online stylists, and UI developers.

The first female CEO of John Lewis – Paula Nickols, has enjoyed a 22-year career with the business and is looking ahead at retail’s changing landscape. She said that the retailer understands that for consumers on and offline channels are no longer separate from one another – and the retailer needs to act in the same way. This is great news for people working in online marketing, who understand the need for a seamless customer journey between a retailer’s online and offline offering.

Internet leaders

It’s no surprise that internet giants ASOS, Facebook and Alphabet (formally Google) are all in the top 25 companies. Offering some of the best career development and skill enhancement opportunities on the market. With incredible stats to back up their ranking, these companies boast employee satisfaction rates of over 96% (Facebook), and offer staff perks including free on-site gyms, coffee shops and a library (ASOS).

All of this is great news for digital marketers or people with online marketing skills, from social media management to website design, as the leading companies with offices in the UK offer ever more exciting career opportunities.

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