Blogs not books

A third of people in the UK read blogs more than books.

 New research has revealed that Britons are increasingly turning their backs on books, and switching to blogs as a modern, digital equivalent. This is particularly the case when it comes to searching for recipes, as well as fitness inspiration, style advice and even adults’ and children’s fiction.


According to affilinet a third of people in the UK are more likely to read a blog than a book. The research also revealed the types of books that are most likely to be replaced by their digital, short-form equivalent.

The team at affiliate network commissioned research to investigate consumer habits. 2,633 Britons were polled as part of the research, all of whom were aged 18 or over.


Initially, respondents were asked, “Are you more likely to read a book or a blog?” to which a third of respondents (32%) stated that they would sooner read a blog. All respondents were then asked, “Which of the below, if any, would you be more likely to use blogs for rather than books?”, revealing the following top ten most likely to be replaced by digital blogs:


  1. Cookery, diet, nutrition and recipes – 38%
  2. Fitness inspiration, tips and tricks and advice – 17%
  3. Style, fashion and beauty advice – 16%
  4. Wedding or event planning – 15%
  5. Parenting advice – 13%
  6. Hobbies e.g. arts & craft, history – 10%
  7. Adult’s fiction – 9%
  8. Celebrity biographies/accounts – 7%
  9. Children’s fiction – 6%
  10. Real crimes – 5%


Furthermore, when asked about factual information such as that traditionally provided by encyclopaedias, textbooks, dictionaries and thesauruses, just 7% stated that they would turn to books before or instead of looking online.


All relevant respondents who would be more likely to read blogs than books were asked to identify their reasons why, revealing that 61% prefer blogs because they are ‘cheaper’ than buying books, 58% stated that they are ‘more convenient’ than books and 49% ‘prefer short-form content rather than full books’.


UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, commented:


“There is an increasing priority and preference of the digital to the physical in our society, affecting everything from shopping through to education; the key selling point is convenience, something consumers prize highly. When we have advanced smart technology at our fingertips, we can access almost anything in just a couple of taps or clicks.


“Many companies, groups, news sites, bloggers and even fiction writers are taking full advantage of this trend and ensuring that they have content that is widely available and accessible for these avid online readers. Whatever the trends are, the supply must adapt to meet that demand in order to stay relevant.”


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