5 web design tips

Read about the 5 web design tips.

Matt Eldridge, founder and head designer at Melt Design sent through his 5 steps to web success, which we’ve edited to add our own views.

Your website is the one domain you own. Your social media channels are not owned by your company, you’re there based on the grace of the platform owners. TO ensure your website is more effective, consider these 5 tips on web design.


#1 – Design DOES matter

Websites that are poorly designed, with pixelated images, horrible colours, unprofessional fonts and poor alignment, the issue that it detracts from what’s being offered, to the look and feel of the site.

In fact, if the site is that bad we may subconsciously judge that the company is either small or is not bothered about their public image. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so make it a good one!


#2 Change the content

Have you ever gone to a website that has the same sidebar on every page that runs on for infinite scrolls? The same old sign up boxes, the same related blog post? By mixing up the layout of your pages and serving different content that relates to the page content, with different colours or words, your prospects will be more engaged as the design has changed and their brain has something new to process. Plus, it also helps if your content isn’t the same on every single page.


#3 Get personal

It’s recognised that people buy from people, so if you can talk to and relate to your website visitors, you may increase interest in your business and what you’ve got to offer. Get yourself some good quality pics taken of you and your team, so that your visitors will know exactly who you are. Stock imagery does serve a purpose so avoid the same photos that are repeated across the web.


#4 Keep copy simple

The content you want people to read needs to be:

Studies show that people read content differently on a website than they do a newsletter or an article. If they see a page with significant amounts of copy they will usually move on,  looking for shorter chunks of information to digest. If you are selling a product or service and have a sales page with the only purpose of the page being to sell, you can include a lot of copy, as long as it’s engaging and offers a benefit to the reader.


#5 Be device friendly

Ever heard the term mobile responsive? It’s all about how your website looks on a mobile phone, whether it fits on the screen of the device and whether you have to pinch and zoom to actually read the content. By making your website responsive to the device the prospect is using, they will have a much more enjoyable browsing experience.


Plus Google penalises sites that are not web friendly. To check your site’s mobile responsiveness, try the Google Mobile-Friendly test page.








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