UK top brands

Discover the surprising changes in the YouGov Brand Index.

YouGov is a UK market research company which measures and explores different aspects of life on the UK. One of their longitudinal studies is BrandIndex which measures “the public’s perception of brands on a daily basis across a range of measures”.

When the data is captured, they create annual rankings based on Buzz scores from across all 52 weeks of last year. Buzz scores measure whether people have heard good or bad news about a brand during the previous two weeks.

Let’s explore the UK Top brands on BrandIndex from 2013 to 2017.

UK top brands – 2013

At the top of the chart in 2013 was the BBC iPlayer followed by John Lewis and Samsung in joint second place. For the first time Aldi appeared at number 4.

Other brands in the 2013 list included Dyson, Marks & Spencer,, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and YouTube.


UK top brands – 2014

In 2014 Aldi rose to the number one spot and they have retained this position though to 2017. Lidl took the number two spot pushing John Lewis to number three in 2014.  In 2014 Sainsbury’s dropped off the list as did Samsung, and YouTube. One new addition was


UK top brands – 2015

2015 saw Yorkshire Tea enter the list along with the international brands Apple and YouTube.


UK top brands – 2016

Some juggling but no real changes in 2016 with Waitrose and Apple both placed at number 10.


UK top brands – 2017

The latest BrandIndex for 2017 saw the top four brands retaining their previous year places. moved up four places to the number 5 spot and Netflix appeared once again. Waitrose dropped off the list as did Apple.


Michael Stacey of YouGov commented: “It no longer seems valid to label Aldi and Lidl as ‘Budget Supermarkets’. With so many of competitors following their lead in various ways and they themselves pushing higher-end goods, both are now firmly part of the mainstream.”


As these brands have kept the top positions for the last four years, they are clearly no longer brands on the sidelines. It seems shoppers are aware of these supermarkets and their offers. Perhaps shoppers are becoming more financially savvy, hence the rise of


What are your predictions for 2018? Will Aldi and Lidl retain the top two positions?



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