How to gain subscribers on Snapchat


Discover how to gain subscribers on Snap.

Snapchat, now known as Snap, has 150 million subscribers, mainly younger people (Generation C – the ‘C’ is for content). Businesses are keen to gain attention from this generation, in the hope that brand familiarity will lead to future brand sales. We’ve written about advertising on Snap before – when it was still called Snapchat!  See advertising on Snapchat here.

Snapchat is a fast moving platform. In December it provided festive fun, Uber added geofilters to its app and the latest application is singer Ed Sheeran’s song appearing in Snapchat lenses.

So unless you’re a well-known star, how does a business build its subscriber base on Snapchat? Here are 4 quick ways to use Snap to increase your subscribers but I have to add that Snapchat isn’t suitable for all businesses!


# 1 Share videos on Snapchat

Videos tend to be more personal than images and we can’t seem to get enough of these!


Living in a video nation it is essential to incorporate video into your Snap marketing plan. These can be the videos you’ve added to YouTube or more homespun ‘behind the scenes’ clips too.

# 2 Offer exclusivity

We all love to be the first to find out information or to get exclusive access to the latest products and this is a great way to use Snap for your business. You need to give your subscribers something worth following you for and a first look at products is definitely a way to grab attention! Launch your products via Snap or give some behind the scenes footage to entice users to follow you.


# 3 Integrate other channels

Snap is not that easy to search and it’s essential to let your Twitter and blog followers know you’re also on Snapchat. Ensure that you include your handle on blog posts, other social media accounts and marketing material.

# 4 Follow others

Snapdex claims to be the largest editable Snapchat names index. The listing (and therefore the search) categories are


You can discover other services, organisations and businesses via Snapdex and you can explore the most popular snapchatters, top rated and new. Plus you can add yourself or other brands to Snap by simply clicking on the add button.

What advice do you have for snapchat business users? Should they be on the platform (Snapchat says it’s only for friends) or should they stay away?

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