5 reasons to blog

Is blogging beneficial for business?

Blogs are everywhere these days. With the latest fashion and lifestyle bloggers snapping up incredible deals and sponsorships, blogging has become the dominant endeavour in the social media and marketing world. But blogs can also be used as an effective tool for businesses, acting as a platform to discuss the latest market trends and connect with customers.
Here are 5 reasons why investing the time in blogging is worth considering for your business:

Reason to blog #1 – Connect with customers

Blogging allows you to connect with current and potential customers, by discussing and sharing ideas and interests. Asking questions and inviting feedback will encourage people to comment and interact, building a sense of trust and rapport.

Reason to blog #2 – Connect with others

It’s not necessary for a blog or social media post to go viral for it to reach a surprising amount of readers. If you are sharing informative and relevant content, it will reach people and be shared with others, who you may not have been able to connect with prior to blogging.

Reason to blog #3 – Build a picture of your audience

Blogging blindly is a waste of time and money for businesses. Analytics are a vital tool, as you can see who is interested in your business, where they are finding you and which subjects are most interesting to them.
If you are not sure on the impact of your content, conduct a content audit to discover the results.

Reason to blog #4 – Improve your search engine optimisation

Even the best business in the world would struggle to sell if customers couldn’t find them. One on five searches n Google is said (by Google) to be unique. Blogging therefore adds the ability to embed long tail key phrases that potential customers may be seeking.
Plus increasing your online presence with regular and up to date content will improve your SEO, as Google seeks relevant and recent content. Blogs contain places to add ‘tags’ and ‘categories’ which make the content easier to find online. By adding these SEO keywords your blog and website will climb higher in the search engine ratings, and be found much easier by browsers.

Reason to blog #5 – Improve your reputation

Blogging about current trends and in-depth topics increases your credibility in your industry, as customers and other businesses will identify you as knowledgeable leaders. Providing intelligent content will allow others to see that your company is an expert in its field and knows exactly what it’s talking about and selling!

A blog doesn’t need a fancy design and you don’t need to know complex HTML coding to make it successful. With a simple layout, quality images and relevant content you will quickly start to establish readers, and build on your online presence.

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