5 tips for effective email subject lines

Email works. Especially when using an effective subject line, to an existing audience.

Discover the 5 tips for effective email subject lines as email is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, whether you are writing them for an email marketing campaign, or for lead generation purposes. The first step to success with any email you send is getting it opened. Lots of factors influence this, but the subject line is one of the most important.
For 33% of recipients, the subject line of an email is all they look at. It is, therefore, crucial to optimise the subject line of every marketing email you send. Here are 5 tips for effective email subject lines:

1. Use the recipient’s name in emails

Make the email personal by including the recipient’s name. This is not always possible, particularly if you build your list by only collecting email addresses. If you have the person’s name, however, you should include it in the subject line.

2. Be truthful in email subject lines

Don’t make false promises or try to trick the person into opening the email. It is always better to tell the recipient exactly what the email contains, and why they should open it. A false promise might get you a click on this email, but the person is unlikely to go any further, and they will probably not interact with any future emails you send.

3. Don’t appear too spammy for effective email subject lines

Make sure your subject line doesn’t look like spam by using normal sentence capitals instead of words that are all-caps. Also, don’t use exclamation marks or words that are regarded as being spam triggers.

4. Spelling and grammar in email

It is always important to use proper spelling and grammar when communicating with a potential customer, including when writing email subject lines. This is often challenging, particularly when trying to fit a lot of information into a restricted number of words, but subject lines with good spelling and grammar always look more professional.

5. Length of email

Email subject lines that are too long may get cut mid-sentence on the recipient’s device, while subject lines that are short may not be meaningful. The ideal length for email subject lines is 55 characters.
Finally, test everything including the specific words used, length, and tone. Even when you have a subject line that gets results, continue testing.

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