How to Grow Followers on Instagram


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Discover how to grow followers on Instagram.

In a world before social media, budding entrepreneurs could focus on word of mouth and other micro forms of local marketing. With 78 percent of the U.S. and 36.4 million of the UK population now on some form of social media, though, it’s become obvious that organisations must focus on reaching out to new and existing clients via these platforms. Unfortunately, some business owners have difficulty building an Instagram following, but by simply utilising the following tips, you can turn this around.

We’ve written about how to get started with Instagram as well as Instagram adverts and video, so this blog post looks at ways to grow followers on Instagram, once your account has been created.

Grow followers #1 – Socialise with Followers

The “social” part of social media is effectively what makes it so popular. People can reach out to friends they haven’t seen in years, but as it turns out, consumers also want to engage directly with the brands they use. This means that, when followers show up to leave comments on a photo, you should directly respond to these comments.

In doing so, you will let your followers know that they are appreciated. Even better, though, is the fact that they’ll be more likely to share your posts. This is a prime method of reaching out to new potential followers.

Grow followers #2 – Consistently Post to Instagram

Just like any method of business growth, you can’t treat Instagram like a second-class marketing ploy. If someone has taken the time to follow you on the site, it’s because they want to see what you have to show them. If you start dropping the ball here, they might just unfollow the page altogether.

Additionally, the more posts you share, the more likely complete strangers are to see one. Add this to the fact that Instagram pages with 10,000 to 100,000 fans consistently posted over five times more often than pages with fewer than 1,000 fans. This could potentially mean consistent posts result in more followers.

Grow followers #3 – Link Social Media Accounts Together

One great feature of Instagram is that you can link your other social media platforms directly to your posts. This means that for every image or video you post, you can push it out to Facebook, Twitter and several other social media accounts. Just like a co-scheduling app, this will save you substantial amounts of time on posting to different platforms.

On top of saving time, this method will also bring people to your Instagram. Whenever you share in this way, your other accounts will show that your post is coming directly from the site. This means your followers on Facebook and other platforms, which usually outpace Instagram, will have a simple gateway to your new favourite media sharing site.

Grow followers #4 – Make Use of Hashtags

Twitter users might have made the hashtag popular, but nearly every other social media outlet is now utilising the small sign. If you’re focused on business growth through digital methods, it’s time you started paying attention to the hashtag on Instagram as well. They work the same way Twitter’s hashtags work, so people will come across your posts just by searching for specific topics.

No matter what you’re uploading, always include hashtags. You’ll want to use words that are obviously related to your business, image or video. It never hurts to then search for these terms and see what other tags people are using along with them. And if you ever get the chance to piggyback on a currently trending topic, like Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl, you should jump at the opportunity.


Achieving business growth requires much more focus and diversification than it once did. If you’re capable of doing this, however, your organisation could be well on its way to the top. To accomplish this, you have to focus on reaching potential clients in every way possible. And if this means being more active on Instagram, it seems like an appropriate trade off.

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