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3 Ways to use Twitter chat as a useful business tool

Having a social media presence is now commonplace for most companies. Whether you’re running an ecommerce store or operating a niche B2B service, chances are you’ll be familiar with the platform and how it works. Twitter chat is an essential social media marketing tool.
You might not, however, have given any thought to using #Twitter chats as a form of marketing.

Twitter chats are essentially conversations built around a specific set of hashtags

You might have even used them during your personal communications on Twitter, without realising they can be utilised by your business as part of your digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and achieve company goals. Here are 3 ways you can use Twitter chat as a business tool.

#1 Use Twitter chats to host a virtual seminar to engage with prospects

You may be using social media advertising to drive conversations, but did you know that you can build stronger relationships with existing customers and convert potential customers by hosting your own virtual Q&A session?

By running a weekly Twitter chat based on a topic relevant to your business interests, you can expect to easily and efficiently engage with new and existing audiences.


#2 Use Twitter chats to build brand authority

Do you want your business to be regarded as an authority on all things relevant to the services and products you provide?

Appearing as a guest on a Twitter chat is a great way to gain kudos as an authority – let’s say, for example, you’re a mechanic that performs car modifications. By contacting a popular motoring blog and offering to do a live Twitter chat, you’ll instantly endear yourself to petrol-heads up and down the country.


#3 Use Twitter chats to forge one-on-one relationships

Customers love to feel important, and there’s no easier way to make your customers feel extra-special than engaging with them on a one-to-one basis.

Search for hashtags relevant to your business – are people tweeting about you? If so, engage them in conversation – say thank you for any compliments and address any negative press is a public social setting so that everyone can see just how committed to customer service you are.

And don’t forget to ensure you have a great Twitter bio and do also consider advertising or promoting your Twitter chat to get more people involved.

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