Top tools to schedule social media content

Social media scheduling tools

Read about top tools to schedule social media content.

Busy adding content and not able to take a holiday? Scheduling tools allow you to add social media content, months in advance and take a break!

What is scheduling?

Scheduling a post means instead of it being published right away you can choose a time or a date that it will be published. This means that you can still publish interesting content to your followers, even if you’re not in the office!  There are several tools to help you schedule posts and here we cover three of the most popular social media scheduling tools.

Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck?

Three of the best known social media scheduling services are Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck. While Tweetdeck focuses purely on Twitter, Hootsuite and Buffer can encompass all your social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

When devising your social media strategy, you need to think about what accounts you will be using, how often and for what. If you only run three accounts for your business (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for example) then Hootsuite or Buffer may suit you perfectly.


Hootsuite – the free option

Hootsuite’s non-subscription, free service allows you to operate three social media accounts without paying. Hootsuite offers a variety of features that set it apart from other social automation tools such as;

There are also some negative aspects to using Hootsuite and users have found that:

Buffer – the paid option

Buffer’s ‘Awesome Plan’ allows you to schedule content for up to 10 accounts for just $10 per month.

Buffer is also not without its downsides:


Tweetdeck – Top for Twitter

If your digital marketing strategy is mainly focused on several Twitter accounts you would be better suited to Tweetdeck. This allows you not only to add as many accounts as you want, but it also has handy functions like the ability to make lists so you can follow specific hashtags or topics. Another useful feature is the ability to see messages and notifications alongside your tweets and news feed.

The downside to Tweetdeck is just that – it is only for Twitter. This is not much use if you have a range of different social media accounts you need to use.

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