Facebook dark posts

Facebook dark posts

Discover more about Facebook dark posts.

Social media strategy has evolved at breakneck speed over the last few years, and digital marketing experts are always looking for the next way to give their advertising a crucial edge in the most competitive of arenas.

Facebook dark posts are one of the latest tactics in digital marketing, and for those who use them to their full potential, they have the power to revolutionise the fortunes of social media advertising due to the targeted nature of the audience segmentation.

The unpublished Facebook post

Don’t be unnerved by the name – there’s nothing underhand going on here! Facebook dark posts, also referred to as ‘unpublished’ posts, are simply a means of using ads which appear to your audience as Newsfeed items, without actually being published to your Facebook page. In addition to non-visibility on your wall, dark posts also give you the ability to use keywords for targeting – setting dark posts apart from the standard targeted Facebook post.

In short, a Facebook dark post allows you to run distinct ads tailored for different audiences – even with split test headlines and personalised messages – all without a single ad appearing on your wall! If you’re ready to take advantage of this technique, your first stop will be downloading Power Editor.

Introducing Power Editor

Power Editor is an essential Chrome extension for Facebook marketeers. You’ll find it’s  more flexible than Facebook’s own advertising platform. Initially, you’ll need to synchronise Power Editor with your page.

1. Click Manage Posts (in the top left corner)
2. Select the page for which the ad is being created
3. Click the Create Post button
4. In the dialog box which appears, choose the Post Type and then complete the field details as prompted
5. Select your keywords and interest categories to target your dark post more effectively
6. Select to publish your post, and finally click Create Post

After you’ve created your first dark post, you’ll find yourself having plenty of fun targeting your advertising to the exact interests of community members, tweaking sentences and using different imagery. It’s all crucial in building those personal connections. With dark posts on Facebook, you’ll take a much more enlightened approach to social media advertising. And don’t forget about Facebook Canvas, telling stories about your brand.

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