Why we are too scared to adopt driverless cars

We keep hearing about driverless cars and Erica Herrero-Martinez from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers sent me this information about a new survey.

UK Government and companies such as Google, Ford and Uber are all championing driverless car technology, but according to this latest public survey much more work is needed to convince the public of the benefits of driverless vehicles.

According to the survey, carried out on behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 55% of the 2002 people surveyed said they were unlikely to want to be a passenger of a driverless car, with 40% said they were very unlikely to want to be a passenger. Just 21% of the people surveyed said they would be happy to ride in a driverless vehicle.

Philippa Oldham, Head of Transport and Manufacturing at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said:

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