Facebook Canvas

Facebook canvas

What is Facebook Canvas, and how does it work?

Facebook Canvas is a response to the way that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop for the first time. A number of trends suggest that the growth of mobile is set to continue in the future.

While the Facebook mobile app serves those with personal pages well, many businesses struggle to relate to mobile users and offer the same immersive experience that a user would get on a desktop. Never ones to be behind a trend, Facebook have adapted and developed a new tool built for companies and businesses using the mobile platform.

Facebook Canvas essentials

Facebook Canvas, an app for Android and iOS, provides a full screen experience for the user that can be interacted with and allows brands to tell their story and develop lasting relationships with users when on their mobile.

The digital space on Canvas is fully customisable, and companies can be as creative or as minimalistic as they want, adding features such as video, images, and texts to their advert if they choose. The tool is simple to use and the design allows marketers and advertisers the chance to use a new, highly-tuned platform to their advantage. Users, in turn, can interact with the tool, swiping images and playing video to gain a fully interactive experience on a platform that they are familiar and comfortable with.

Why use Facebook Canvas over Facebook Adverts?

While many businesses currently use Facebook adverts, the development of Facebook Canvas offers significantly more benefits to companies than Facebook ads. Adverts on Facebook often revolve around one post or one piece targeted at a specific audience. While the concept of Facebook adverts can boost individual posts, Facebook Canvas is not centred around one article or one post, but rather around the entire brand. Companies can use Canvas to show where their product comes from, or to advertise a new concept.

Canvas can allow a number of images and grants the user the opportunity to click through the advert, rather than simply being drawn to one post based on related topics. As well as this, many Facebook adverts do not seem as attractive on a mobile platform. However, Facebook Canvas allows companies and business to capitalise fully on the ever-growing mobile market.


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