Social media advertising examples

social media examples of successful ad campaigns

3 examples of effective social media advertising

Social media advertising is a challenge and many brands try to create a memorable campaign, yet few stand out. Running a TV advert and putting a few posts on social media isn’t enough anymore, and pushing the boundaries of social media marketing is only going to continue. Here are three examples of effective social media marketing campaigns.


1. John Lewis, Man on the Moon Omni channel advertisement


John Lewis Man on the Moon

Rather than blatantly selling or showcasing their products, John Lewis understood that telling a story and appealing to their audience on an emotional level is far more powerful; not just through a TV advert, but via social media as well.

They dispensed with creating Twitter accounts for their campaign’s characters as they have done in previous years, and instead focused solely on their main Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, illuminating products’ stories and directly connecting with their audience through videos related to their TV advert.


2. Lexus, Beyond Utility

Lexus beyond utility


Lexus launched their ‘Beyond Utility’ campaign and whilst this was on YouTube they used Facebook to create 1,000 unique adverts in order to appeal to users on a more personal level; a specific advert was targeted towards an individual based on their likes, interests and age. This was an innovative approach to social media advertising by Lexus, and a futuristic one at that, signifying that the days of creating one single advert for mass appeal are numbered.


3. Oreo, #OreoEclipse

oreo cookie

Last year, Oreo’s UK media team used the solar eclipse to their advantage, going a lot further than many other brands who simply tweeted about the event on the day. They took a humorous approach by offering the chance for those who couldn’t see the eclipse due to poor weather to view it in real time on digital billboards located around the UK, but with a catch: an Oreo took centre stage, instead of the sun. They created time lapse videos of their digital billboards and posted them on social media within an hour of the end of the eclipse to generate discussion and excitement about their campaign.


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