Programmatic advertising and Google AdWords

RTB and adwordsDiscover the difference between real time bidding (programmatic advertising) and Google AdWords

Programmatic advertising or Google AdWords?

Real time bidding (programmatic advertising) and Google AdWords are two of the most prominent digital marketing strategies in today’s market. You might have heard of one of them, both, or neither, but if you have any interest in spreading your brand using tactically aware online strategies, you should understand the difference between the two.

Real time bidding (RTB) also known as programmatic advertising

If we start with real time bidding, commonly known as RTB, we see an advertising avenue that is essentially an online version of old school ‘pay per page’ advertising seen in print publications, but dealt in terms of ‘impressions’, instead. Impressions are essentially views of online spaces on busy websites and apps that are sold as part of inventories via a bidding process – if you win the bid, you win the space, and you pay according to how many people see it. It’s a simple bidding format, with the highest bid coming out on top.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords also has a bidding process of sorts, allowing you to name a price, and a budget, for the keyword of your choice – naturally this will be a key phrase connected to your brand, and words which users of the Google search engine would enter if they are looking for your service or product. If you win the Google AdWords ‘behind the scenes’ auction, your link will appear when users enter in the key phrase you have searched for. Google only takes revenue – based on the price of the successful bid – when a user clicks on your ad from the search engine results page, hence the name of the ‘pay per click’ bracket that Google AdWords comes under.

The challenge is that it’s not an equal playing field as some businesses pay more than others for the same keywords!

Should I use RTB or Adwords?

In general terms, RTB is a good way to spread your brand as far and wide as possible, offering potential for a huge amount of views from the various websites and apps with a large footfall. Evidence suggests, however, that if click through and possible purchase is your intended customer journey, rather than attracting as many eyes as possible, Google AdWords offers the opportunity to direct more visits to your landing page. This is probably down to the nature of the platform – if used correctly, search engine users that enter one of your keywords are likely to be looking for your kind of service.

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