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Discover changes in mobile marketing.

The need for businesses to be successful in their mobile marketing and advertising efforts is currently greater than it has ever been. With last year marking the very first occasion that mobile searches have actually managed to surpass those made on desktop devices, it has become clear how the battlefield of online marketing has shifted.
We’ve written about mobile marketing as well as mobile marketing with ads and with the constant increase of social media platforms, combined with their ability to perforate and reshape the daily habits of most Generation Xers, Yers and Zers, the demand for information to be available in the palm of one’s hand has continued to increase year on year. It was only an amount of time before ‘supply’ decided to catch up.

In the same way that social media advertising has led to countless amounts of successful conversions within the B2C market, mobile marketing campaigns have been integral to targeting these same customers – those who thrive on multi-tasking and fast results, either shopping impulsively, or on the go.

If your business does not generate conversions on the go, ask why not? Conversion rate optimisation (read more about CRO here) via mobile sites is a factor in search engine rankings. Google now favours sites that are mobile-optimised in terms of search rankings, so if the majority of your digital marketing strategy isn’t aimed at mobile users, shooting for a mobile-first website design improves your ROI.

Key tips in mobile marketing

  1. Mobile by design – Create long scrolling pages and flexible page templates as these transfer well to mobile devices.
  2. Relevant content – Ensure the right content can be found easily.
  3. Easy to use websites – Don’t make me think! Remember how impatient you are when browsing on your phone.
  4. Make your calls to action bold and clear – Any calls to action (CTA) should be obvious and not require translation.
  5. Fewer clicks please – review your customer journey and if it is possible to take fewer than three clicks, adapt your website.

Also worth noting are the recent changes to Google SERPs – up to four of the first results you see for a given keyword can be paid ads now, which for many mobile devices, comprises the entire first page that a customer will see. This means paid ads could benefit your digital strategy more now than they could in the past.

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