Conversion rate optimisation essentials

Conversion rate optimisation


Discover 3 methods of Conversion rate optimisation.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a key aspect of digital marketing strategy. It is a system which aims to increase the number of visitors to a webpage who take the action desired by that site. It is particularly useful for sites that get lot of traffic but which aren’t getting the desired effects. For example, if you visit a shopping site but do not buy anything, you have not ‘converted’. CRO seeks to maximise the amount of visitors who do convert. This can be for whatever purpose the website exists for; attracting sales, the completion of a survey, e-mail sign up, or anything else. CRO optimises the site so that visitors ‘convert’ in whatever form the page intends.

There are many different CRO methods in use; the following are examples of some methods of conversion rate optimisation and how they work.

A/B or multivariate testing

In A/B or multivariate testing, two different versions of the page are presented, with 50% of traffic seeing one version and 50% another. It can then be seen which version produces the highest conversion rate. This has recently been the most popular CRO method.

Customer journey analysis

Customer journey analysis (CJA) is the study of how people become a ‘converted’ visitor. Did most come directly to your site from a Facebook ad? Or did they research your brand first; did they contact your customer service or call into a store? CJA collects and analyses this data from online and offline sources to reveal what kind of journey most commonly produces a ‘converted’ visitor.

NPS scale

Customer feedback

CRO also makes use of direct feedback from customers. A popular version of this is the Net Promoter Score(R) (NPS), which asks the customer how likely they would be to recommend the website in question.


The number of detractors subtracted from the promoters gives the NPS. Many successful companies have an NPS of 50 to 80%. Sites falling below this percentage can ask further questions to identify how to raise their score.

These are some examples of CRO tactics, which used alone or in combination can increase conversion rates and achieve better customer visitor experience.


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