Reviews move to centre stage

Oliver Ewbank, Head of Digital Marketing at Feefo provided this update:

In a recent move, Google has confirmed that it will no longer display advertisements on the right hand side of its search engine result pages (SERPs).
The update, first revealed by Search Engine Land, and confirmed by a Google spokesperson, has caused a stir among digital marketers, leaving them wondering how it will affect their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns: the price they pay for each click on an advertisement.

Instead, Google has increased the number of advertisements shown above search results from three to four, for what it calls ‘highly commercial queries.’ Other changes include a reduction in advertisements on any given SERP from eleven to seven.

With this more streamlined interface, digital experts are speculating that a page’s Quality Score – Google’s algorithm for determining how likely a page is to be found during a search – will now play an even more significant role, and the four advertisement spots will be hotly contested.

Oliver Ewbank, Head of Digital Marketing at Feefo, suggests: ‘Businesses need to prepare to improve their web page’s Quality Score if they want to be visible in Google and keep the cost of their PPC campaigns down. A great way to do this is through fresh and relevant user-generated content, and through Seller Ratings.

Feefo helps businesses increase their Quality Score and lower PPC spend through genuine, purchase verified reviews. An independent, trusted third party, Feefo invites customers to leave their ratings and reviews on behalf of companies worldwide. As a Licensed Google Partner, and because all reviews are guaranteed to be credible, Google takes one hundred percent of Feefo reviews.

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