Mobile marketing with ads

Mobile marketingRead how to get started with mobile marketing with ads.

There are 7.4 billion mobiles worldwide in a population of 7.2 billion! And it’s obvious that we’re living in an increasingly mobile world. From your grandmother to your best friend’s dog – almost everyone has a social media presence these days.
It makes sense, then, that businesses have a digital marketing strategy that utilises mobile phones and social media. If you’re new to both, or you’ve set up accounts and feel a little in the dark, then follow our quick guide to getting started and you’ll soon be well on your way to increased brand recognition, social media guru status, and (most importantly) more sales. Do also read our earlier post on mobile marketing.

Mobile ads

There are many forms of mobile ads, so the first thing you need to work out is which ones you think are going to be most effective for your audience and best suited for your brand.
Ultimately, your choice of advert depends on your budget, as well as your current brand recognition status. If you’re trying to introduce your product to a new audience, then a video might tell the story of your business better than a banner is able to. You’ll need to weigh up cost versus reward to make an informed decision.

Platforms and tools for mobile ads

Your next decision is what platform you should use to advertise on mobile. There are mobile advertising networks available, such as AdMob by Google, which offers app developers the ability to analyse, monetise and promote apps. The Google network is powered with Google Analytics, allowing you to garner vital statistics about how your ads are doing and who they’re reaching. There are many companies who put adverts on to apps.
However, you can also use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise via mobile.  For example:

If you’re looking to go a little more old school, then you can even send out text messages to those who are subscribed to a mailing list.
With so many options available, there’s really no excuse not to be connecting to your customers through mobile marketing. Get started with your digital strategy today and you’ll soon be reaching a wider audience than you ever thought possible.