Agile Marketing essentials

Agile marketing
Agile marketing is key for business success.

These 5 Agile marketing tips share how to gain business success

Successful online marketing is about being ahead of the curve, right? Wrong. You need to be where your audience is right now, not waiting around for them to catch up. You certainly don’t want to be looking around thinking, “Hey, where did everybody go?”

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Social media is becoming increasingly geared towards advertising and commerce, yet it’s progressively difficult for businesses and brands to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. From ad blockers to algorithms, consumers are more savvy than ever about what marketing campaigns they engage with.

The critical factor to catching your audience is to move with them, like dancers across a floor. Let them take the lead, but be sure to follow, to match your steps to theirs.

Step 1: Adapt your digital marketing strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is a framework and should guide, not prescribe, your online marketing activities. Much can change in a year, so focus on your tactics and be prepared to adapt your strategy, in response to your audience’s behaviour and even individual interactions. If you conduct a regular digital marketing audit, this is easier to achieve.

Step 2: Experiment

When Facebook launched in 2004, who foresaw its huge marketing potential? I’m not sure even Mark Zuckerberg did. Say your audience is now on Instagram or Snapchat, but none of your competitors are. So what? Experiment to find out how these channels can work for you. Facebook remains successful as it continues to evolve with its users.

Step 3: Test, test and test

Even when not in doubt, test. Making data-driven decisions is the key to effective agile marketing. Your marketing budget may be fixed, but what it is spent on is not. Do you invest in both Facebook ads and Twitter ads? You might intuitively feel that one works better than the other, but often the data will surprise you. Invest a little in both, review the results, and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Step 4: Stop doing what doesn’t work

If you’ve tried something and it didn’t work stop. The mantra of many successful businesses is fail fast. Try, test and stop where needed.

Step 5: Never stop learning

To keep step with your audience, it’s imperative that your team knows the digital landscape and how to create opportunities for your business. A little bit of training can go a long way and having worked with hundreds of companies, I can see the results. Why not join my next digital marketing strategy course in London to find out for yourself?