3 examples of great B2B YouTube videos

Volvo safety YouTube videos
Read our YouTube video examples and discover how video content works for B2B

YouTube videos, vine mini videos and other interactive content often engages clients more than words alone, especially for B2B marketers.
Unlike marketing B2C, the idea of creating video content isn’t that it will go viral, but simply that it will be useful, engaging and convincing to another business thinking of spending money with yours.

Here are three examples of B2B YouTube videos that meet the target audience requirements.

Volvo Trucks

Watch their series of one minute video about Volvo cab safety. This video is admittedly dry to anyone not interested in buying a truck, but for the small audience of people who are, it’s incredibly useful, laying out the benefits of this model of cab and why it’s an improvement on previous versions.

Volvo safety videos
They have a series of quick (just one minute), easily digestible and very convincing videos. The Volvo Trucks YouTube channel illustrates its brand values well. With 146,000 subscribers, they must be doing something right.

This inbound marketing software company has already got an impressive following on YouTube, and their ‘about us‘ video has nearly 17,000 views. That’s not a huge figure in and of itself, but if it’s the right 17,000 people or businesses, they’re onto a winner – it explains what they do and why in a highly accessible manner.

American Express
Alongside the customer focused videos on AmEx’s YouTube channel, they also have videos aimed at businesses, like the The OptBlue® Program from American Express YouTube video encouraging small businesses to join one of its programmes. By offering the information in an easy to understand video format, American Express is increasing the chances of sign-ups to the scheme, because there’s no wading through reams of dense text to get to the point.

Amex YouTube example

Do you use YouTube? How does it work for your business?

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