Top 5 tips for Twitter ads

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Twitter ads are growing, read about our top 5 tips to maximise your return.

Facebook may be the world’s largest social network in the Western world, but Twitter is the place a business can really reach out to a global audience as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Twitter is where people go when they want to know what’s trending internationally, to share information in an instant and to spontaneously connect with users, communities and organisations all over the world. With over 300 million users each month and more than 350,000 tweets sent each minute, the potential for businesses to expand their client bases has never been greater.

Whether you’re a small-town sole trader or a large multinational company, Twitter ads training can help you connect in ways you never thought possible. Here are our top five tips for maximising your return from Twitter ads training.

1. Limit your tweets in Twitter ad campaigns

When you’re starting a new ad campaign, it’s tempting to send out lots of tweets to get your message out there. In this case, however, less is more. Take time to perfect just three to five tweets to begin with and release them at regular intervals over a few days to see how they get on. Examine the performance rate of your tweets carefully and think about removing or altering those that are being shared the least. In this way, you can ensure you always have three to five ads out there that are continually performing well and making connections with people.

2. Target Twitter ads by device

You may want potential customers to fill in a sign-up form or questionnaire, which can be tricky to do on a mobile device. By switching off the right settings before your Twitter ad is released, you can target those who can most easily respond, such as those on laptops or home computers.

3. Pictures and links can generate great returns

Tweets containing images and links are much more successful at engaging potential customers than those containing text alone. This is based on research which shows users prefer ‘vivid content’ which means images and video. Ensure you use relevant content to ensure your tweet really stands out and has the greatest potential for retweets.

The ad format is critical. You might want to read how Twitter cards  generate more success than standard Twitter ads.

4. Have confidence in the suggested bid

When you set up your campaign, Twitter will suggest a bid price (e.g. £2 per engagement) which many may think is too high to accept. In our observations, however, this is hardly ever the price you pay in the end. If your ads are strong, the price per click will amount to much less than this, enabling you to reach out to far more potential users.

5. Refresh and revisit your twitter ads, so that….

The fantastic thing about online marketing through Twitter is its immediacy: if something is not working for you, you can change it in an instant. When your campaign is launched, it is crucial to be checking your levels of engagement every few days. Note which are your best performing tweets and consider why. This can then give you an important insight into the kind of messages that people are connecting with – a valuable tool in your social media strategy armoury!

Twitter ad without refreshed date

And if you re-use an earlier ad, think about re-creating it rather than repeating it. If you repeat it, it shows the original ad date, so looks old or in the wrong place! The ad above was found in December 2015, but is dated July. It’s because they clicked on the ‘repeat this ad’ button.

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