Top 4 KPI Measurement Tools

It’s important that when measuring KPIs (key performance indicators) we get it right, as the impact on the growth of our businesses is immense. Being able to clearly track, understand and react to these results is vital to short and long term business development, so getting the right tool for our business’s and our own needs is equally as important. Here is a roundup of the top 4 KPI measurement tools currently available:

Geckoboard – This all-round tracking allows you to track key information from third party services such as email marketing and SMS marketing services with the unique integration of widgets. This makes it one of the best tools for tracking all round online and offline marketing and sales efforts, although all that tracking means it doesn’t necessarily come as cheap as some of the other software and web-apps.

Google Analytics – This free tool is a market leader and is often the go to option for both start ups and long standing businesses looking to measure their sales and marketing success. The Goals function is built to help measure KPIs and has built in suggestions as well as customisable fields to help you find exactly what you are looking for, even if you don’t know yourself! However, as with all things that are free, the abilities of the web-app are limited. In this case it means you can only measure website KPIs, making for a limited overview. There is also little on-site help when it comes to understanding and acting on the data you see, which can be a downfall for those who aren’t entirely confident in interpreting data.

MixPanel – This freemium software is very heavily focused on event (goal) tracking, and allows you to track information in real time, an attractive feature allowing you to react quickly to any changes that require action, and it also offers the additional feature of simple retention tracking. However, one if its main downfalls is that its funnels can be inaccurate.

KISSmetrics – If funnels is something you plan to use a lot of and /or if you are a new, inexperienced analytics user, then KISSmetrics is for you. Its funnels are the most easily created, understandable and accurate available, and the user interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it a winner for newcomers and start-ups. It does however come with a price, with the minimum monthly service costing £97 and upwards.

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