The Top 5 Free Mind Mapping Tools For Marketers

There are many free mind mapping resources on the web, which is why I have tried and tested them to find you the best free tools available: 

      1.  Freemind.Sourceforge.netProbably the best option for absolute beginners, this free mind mapping software download is written in Java, and has some of the best support online. From webinars to forums, there are thousands of people out there using it and sharing advice and interesting new ideas for mind mapping with the tool.

      2. Mindomo.comThis freemium mind mapping tool does have its limits, as you can only create 3 private mind maps, and you can’t use the sharing options. However, the mobile app is free, and so for a light user it’s a great free tool, and for a heavier user the investment in the premium version is well worth while.

      3.  LabyrinthThis mind mapping tool is a very basic, software download. It’s available for Windows/Linux (sorry Mac users!), and although it may not look anything fancy, it does what it says on the tin. It auto-saves work, it’s very easy to add images to your maps, and one of its biggest selling points is that you can also add notes to the map, which is not something a lot of paid tools offer, let alone free ones!

      4.  WiseMapping.comThis open source tool is a web app, meaning you aren’t tied down to one computer and can easily work on a mind map wherever you are. There are also no limitations on what you can do for free, and the user interface is very user-friendly so it’s great for those who are new to mind mapping and want to have a play around.

      5. TheBrain.comAnother software download and another freemium product, this mind mapping tool is available on Windows/Linux/Mac and is said by reviews to be one of the most intuitive mind mapping softwares on the market. 

What do you use? Let me know @annmariehanlon

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