Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

The 1st July 2013 will be a sad day for many who have become used to reading their daily news feeds on Google Reader, as Google have decided to lay the application to rest. But the great news is there are plenty of alternatives out there and people are already making the switch. Here are the top 5 alternatives to Google Reader:

      1.       RebelMouse: So much more than just a reader, this site brings together all your favourite feeds from RSS and social networks in one place, so you literally only have to look in one place for all your updates! And its simple design and layout coupled with its functionality are what lands it our number 1 spot for Google Reader alternatives.

      2.       NetVibes: Business user? Then NetVibes is your ideal reader. This freemium reader offers optional business extras including brand monitoring and data tracking for a monthly fee of around £350 ($499), so you have to be a pretty serious business user to get your money’s worth out of it, but well worth it for the unique business features. Free users can still take advantage of the NetVibes clean and businesslike reader design and format.

      3.       Feedly: When people have been asking on forums and social sites what the perfect replacement for Google Reader is, this one has been the most mentioned. It is similar to RebelMouse and has the added value of being available as an application or extension on all popular mobile/tablet devices and web browsers, perfect for those who access their feed on various machines.

      4.        Leaf: If you are a Mac/Twitter fan, then Leaf is perfect for you. It’s not very similar to Google Reader so may take some getting used to for diehard fans, but if you like the way the Twitter feed is laid out and you are a Mac user, then Leaf is the reader for you.

      5.       The Old Reader: This reader is perfect for anyone who is devastated that Google Reader is closing down and wants something as similar as possible. This reader was actually made to replace Google Reader, and even some of the same keyboard shortcuts have been used to make the transition even easier!

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