The Top 3 Tools for Measuring Social Media Influence

With social media’s impact on both our personal and professional lives growing by the day, it is not surprising that people have to put so much weight on the amount of influence a person or company has within the social media domain. Here are our top 3 favourite tools for measuring your influence on social media:

     1.       Klout: With people getting asked for their Klout scores during job interviews, and with some jobs even listing a high Klout score as a requirement, Klout has to be our top tool. In the same way Coke dominates the soft drink world, Klout has become the go to name for social media measurement, and with the ability track data from up to 14 channels, it’s the clear leader in its industry.  

      2.       Kred: Hot on Klout’s heels, Kred is like the Pepsi to Klout’s Coke. It’s a newcomer but its fresh approach to social influence metrics and unique features has seen its popularity grow. It still has some work to be done, with tracking ability currently limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, leaving out up and coming channels such as Google+ and YouTube for the time being. But its unique ‘outreach level’ measures your influence past your current audience, a feature alone worth using Kred for.

      3.       PeerIndex: Not the most feature laden social influence measurement tool compared with its two main competitors, however PeerIndex is the only tool to allow users to track up and coming site Quora, making it a worthwhile companion in addition to the other two measurement tools, but not yet worthy of replacing them altogether.

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