The Top Devices and Mobile Wallets for Taking Payments Via Mobile

Taking payment via mobile is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity for online and on-the-go businesses as people rely ever more on the power of plastic. And with this development has come a wave of mobile wallets and devices to make it as easy and secure as possible for both the consumer and merchant to enjoy the freedom of mobile payments. Here are some of our recommendations:

      ·   iZettle – For chip and sign or chip and pin, iZettle offers a handy attachment for most Android and Apple mobile devices, ideal for pop up shops and stalls to take credit card payments anywhere.   

      ·  Google Wallet – Offering both fast and secure online checkout facilities for mobile websites and apps in addition to in-store devices for scanning codes created by the mobile app, this is one of the leading options for no fuss mobile payments.
      ·  LevelUp – This is fast becoming popular but has a way to go to catch up with its main competitor, Google Wallet. Offering very similar features and benefits and with a low interchange rate of just 2%, we think its worth considering.

      · Click-to-call  - If your business often takes small transactions via mobile, you could benefit from offering the click-to-call payment method, something Interflora have already adopted on their mobile site. It allows mobile users to avoid the hassle of inputting card info or signing into a mobile wallet by adding the cost of the transaction onto their mobile phone bill. There are limits however to how much can be processed in one transaction, but its perfect for businesses dealing in small transactions.

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