Our 3 Favourite Viral Video Marketing Campaigns

Viral marketing is the latest trend encouraging marketers worldwide to get their creative thinking caps on and come up with the next thought provoking share-worthy campaign. 

The majority of viral marketing campaigns focus around the medium of video, and although there are some that involve more interactive features such as apps and games, video is still a popular and somewhat safe favourite among the viral marketing world at the moment.
Here are some of our favourite viral video campaigns:

      1.       The Red Bull Stratos Campaign: Red Bull went as far as to send a man into space to break the sound barrier for the second time in history exactly 85 years after the original successful attempt. More than 32 million people tuned into Red Bull’s Youtube video of skydiving expert Felix Baumgartner freefalling to Earth from space, rocketing the clip to the top of the viral video charts.

      2.       The Adidas Originals Star Wars Campaign: This star studded advert for Adidas Original’s new Star Wars Collection contained an out of this world special guest appearance in the form of Darth Vader, and was cleverly distributed among communities of trend setters and influencers for the geek/retro trend. This led to the advert hitting over 1 million views as well as racking up 17,000 shares across social media, 900 blog posts and a front page slot on major influential music magazine NME.

      3.       The Carlsberg Toast To Bravery Campaign: Carlsberg cleverly used  candid style video for their Toast To Bravery campaign, with unsuspecting couples walking into a cinema packed with unfriendly looking biker men. The only two seats left were right in the very centre of the cinema, meaning asking the bikers to move was necessary to sit down. Some couples fled the situation, while others plucked up the courage to take their seats. When those couples sat down, they were met by thunderous applause and a Carlsberg each to toast to their bravery with the bikers. 11 million people were on the edge of their seats watching this video and wondering what would happen if the brave couples took on the bikers, and the campaign was enjoyed so much it received almost 2 million shares across social media, not to mention over 900 mentions on blogs, news sites, TV shows and in magazines.

What is your favourite viral marketing campaign? Share it with us in the comments section below!
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