5 Apps On My Development List

Another year, another resolution! Get your business off to the right start with these 5 apps on my development list for 2013: 

      1.       Dropbox for Teams, Apple/Android/Windows, price variable – This upgrade for the popular data sharing app offers valuable features to large teams constantly sharing and updating files. Try the free trial to see for yourself!

      2.       GadgetTrak, Android, Free – Security is essential for business people using phones and tablets for work purposes. This free app allows you to locate, back up and remote wipe devices if lost or stolen.

     3.       Meeting Mapper, iPad, £4.99 – Worth every penny, this innovative app gives you all the info you need to plan a successful meeting and follow ups.

     4.       Hootsuite, Apple/Android/Windows, Free* - For social media management look no further than Hootsuite, the app that allows you on the go access to a dashboard containing all your social media channels in one place. *(The app is free but you may need to pay for a Hootsuite plan depending on your needs and usage.)

     5.       K-9 Mail, Android, Free – A more developed version of the Android inbuilt mail app, this app allows you to handle most IMAP, POP, WebDav and Exchange servers.

Know of an app not listed here that you find useful in business? Please share it with us in the comments section!

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