Top 10 Digital Tools for Acquiring New Customers

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Acquiring new customers online may not be easier than traditional methods, but there are plenty more opportunities and new tools at your disposal. Here are our top 10:

     1.       Social Media – It’s not just networks anymore, it’s become a natural part of daily life. That’s why more companies are getting social with the masses.

     2.       Email Marketing – If you can avoid the junk folder you have a guaranteed ticket into the personal email inbox of your customer.

     3.       Search Engine Marketing – SEO, PPC, it’s all about getting to the first page of search engines, as they become the ever more popular source for all society’s needs.

     4.       Online PR – Don’t get left behind. As the news and media shift to online sites make sure your public relations does to.

     5.       Peer-to-Peer – There is nothing better than a recommendation from a peer to make you want to go out and do/buy something. So give your customers some incentive to spread the word.

     6.       Interactive Advertising – Engage the market with some interaction and your brand will stand out from the crowd online. Popular interactive campaigns include games, apps and social networking.

     7.       Viral Marketing – Another good way to encourage the word to be spread is to offer something worth spreading. Hashtags and trending on social media are common examples of viral marketing.

     8.       Content Distribution – Give something to the market, like informative articles relevant to the industry to improve brand awareness and aid SEO.

     9.       Partnerships – Join forces with another company with shared goals to pool resources and increase profits while reducing marketing costs.

    10.   Affiliate Marketing – Nothing drives people like payment per action and this can be a cost effective way of marketing for smaller companies.

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