The Key Steps In Digital Marketing Planning

The digital age is well and truly upon us, and this is reflected in the way our consumers now process information and spend their time day to day. That is why digital marketing is becoming ever more vital to today’s marketer. Here are the key steps to planning for digital marketing:  

    1.       Who is your target audience? – The first step is to determine who you are targeting online, and group potential customers accordingly.

    2.       What’s your offer? And who else is offering it? – The next step is to analyse your competition from the eyes of your specific target groups.

    3.       What’s your unique difference? And why should customers choose you? – The next step is to determine, from the point of view of each specific target group, what you offer to them that others don’t?

    4.       How will potential customers hear about you? And what will make them talk to you? – The next step is to choose the channels that hold priority based on their value to effort ratio and the level of engagement you could achieve with your target groups.

    5.       Identify the criteria for success – The next step is to determine the objectives of the plan that when reached would mean the plan was a success.

    6.       Implement and monitor the plan – The final step is to implement your plan, and carefully track the success of each channel and strategy. This data will help to improve on future digital plans.

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