5 things you need to get right in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network designed to help professional individuals and companies connect and build business relationships. With first impressions meaning everything in the online networking world, your LinkedIn profile must be accurate, attention grabbing and substantial enough to stand out in LinkedIn’s 180 million strong network. The following 5 things need to be right to ensure your professional profile is effective:
      1.       Spelling and Grammar – Would you even look twice at a professional whose profile was riddled with simple grammatical and spelling errors? To avoid this, use Word to type up any changes and updates before adding to your profile.

      2.       Bio, Skills and Expertise – Just like on their normal CV, many people exaggerate their skills and expertise on LinkedIn. Don’t fall into this trap. Be honest and proud of your achievements, and get people to recommend and endorse you to give you a proven track record that will stand out above the rest.

      3.       Profile Image – That one of you on a drunken night on the town, or the one of you and your partner on your summer holiday is not right for LinkedIn. Get someone to take a professional style headshot of your warm and friendly smiling face.

      4.       Status Updates – This isn’t Facebook. Remember your contacts on LinkedIn are professional, so they don’t want to hear about your cat’s latest exploits or your Christmas shopping.

      5.       Please and Thank You – Good manners cost nothing, and just because you are networking online is no excuse for bad manners, so when asking someone for a recommendation or endorsement don’t forget to say please, and thank them afterwards.

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