3 of the best social media bloopers you may have missed

Social media is a fast paced and spontaneous world fuelled by rants and ravings of the general public, and brands are constantly trying to find their place and get in on the conversation. But sometimes things can go wrong, and people can post without thinking, with one simple poorly judged comment leaving an aftermath in its wake. Here are the top 5 best social media bloopers from recent years:
      1.       Alcohol + Facebook Business page = A cocktail of disaster

An American pub owner recently got intoxicated and decided to express his unpleasant opinion on the US president Barrack Obama on his Facebook page. The trouble came when the pub owner accidently logged onto his business page instead of his personal account. Word spread fast and although the comments were removed and apologies issued, it was not before a large virtual audience had gathered to witness the embarrassing slip of the mouse.

      2.       Ragu make promotional video that insults target audience

Ragu’s marketing department came up with a great idea for a promotional video, went ahead and made it, and posted it on their social media. Things went wrong when they realised the video, which mocked ‘dad’s cooking’, giving the impression dads could only manage to create simple and easy meals, was posted to an audience full of dad bloggers who enjoyed cooking extravagant meals for their families. 

      3.       Tweet ghost writer goes rogue

Mark Davidson is a social marketing and communications strategist and has thousands of loyal followers hanging on his every Tweet. So when it turned out he had three ghost writers impersonating him so he could attend to more important issues (i.e. golf) it did not go down well. So how was it revealed? One of his fired ghost writers decided to go rogue in frustration and posted Tweets including one which read “Hi. I’m one of three people who have been ghostwriting @markdavidson’s tweets for the past 4 years while he is out playing golf.”