Social media job roles: What to expect

As social media fast becomes the go to for digital advertising and marketing, and companies become aware of the time consuming but beneficial nature of being active on various channels and networks, in house social media based jobs and social media positions within agencies are beginning to become more and more apparent. But due to the nature of the every changing job role, titles can be ambiguous, traditional titles are taking on new responsibilities and salaries are constantly differing, so it can be hard to know exactly which roles encompass what.

The following are some of the most popular social media based roles, what they encompass, and what type of salary you could expect from these roles.

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions will typically involve the words executive or officer in the title, and the following are some of the most common/popular entry level positions to encompass social media:

Digital Marketing Executive:

This job title is fairly self explanatory, although different companies offer different levels of responsibility depending on what they need and the experience level of the candidate. Typical responsibilities of this role are as follows:

    - Website management: Depending on the company and level of management they require, and how their website is designed, you may or may not benefit from having some basic website coding knowledge. However, the majority will have some form of content management system on which you will be trained to aid in updating the website content.

     -          Copy writing/content creation: You would typically be expected to write and edit website copy, and possibly copy for the company’s blog, newsletter, etc.

     -          Digital marketing strategies: An entry level position would typically allow you to join in on the brainstorming and forming of digital strategies with those above you, and then aiding in implementing the agreed strategies.

     -          Social Media: You would be in charge of managing and implementing strategies across the company’s social media channels.
-      Research and Analytics: You will typically be asked to track and analyse the success of your digital campaigns as well as keeping an eye on the changing market, competitors, etc.

Digital Communications Officer:

Communications is a bit of an ambiguous title, because it encompasses aspects of various job roles under one umbrella, and can be different for each company. Typically for this role you can expect to be responsible for the following:

     -          Copy writing/content creation: This usually involves writing and updating content for the company’s blog, website, and possibly an e-newsletter of some form.

     -          SEO: You will not typically be expected to be an expert on the inner workings of SEO, but incorporating basic strategies such as optimising web content using keywords will be expected.

     -          Social Media: And the bit you have been looking forward to, you will be asked to use your social media knowledge and skills to create and implement strategies for the company’s social media channels.

     -          Marketing: The majority of digital roles involve some form of marketing as well as social media, which will usually involve assisting those above you in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies.

     -          PR: The reason this role is dubbed a communications role, and not simply a marketing role, is typically because it involves some form of public relations work, including press release writing (on or offline), contacting media, etc.

Entry level roles - Experience, skills, qualifications and salary:

-          As this is an entry level position, they aren’t expecting much by way of experience, but some would go a long way. If you have any form of work experience in PR or marketing environments then this could help you to stand out about the rest.

     -          A knowledge of the way social media and the online world works is a given for this role, and examples of previous copy or articles you have written will most likely be expected to help demonstrate your written skills.

     -          This role usually calls for a media based qualification, mainly degree level or equivalent.

     -          Most entry level job vacancies are advertised as ‘competitive’ salaried or ‘dependant on experience’ as the company usually wants to get an idea of the average experience and skill level of candidates who apply before committing to a number. However, you can usually expect the starting salary for an entry level position is typically between £12k and £15k, dependant on the company, your own experience, and your location.

Mid to Senior Level Positions

Mid to senior level roles involving social media will typically involve managing a digital department in which social media is encompassed, and the following are some of the most common/popular roles to encompass social media:

Digital Marketing Manager:

This role typically involves supporting directors and depending on the size of the company may also involve working with and managing a team of executives. The following are responsibilities you can expect to have with this job title:

      -          Marketing strategies: Leading on creation and presenting of digital marketing plans to directors, and implementing them with the help of a team of executives (if company has them).

      -         Social Media: Again, creation and implementation of strategies for marketing across the company’s social media channels will be in your capable hands.

      -          SEO: Basic knowledge of SEO is a must, but you may be responsible for implementing strategies, although some companies have a separate employee or team for this responsibility.

      -          Website: You will be in charge of managing the website, mainly updating content.

Mid to Senior level roles – Experience, skills, qualifications and salary:

      -          Experience in a similar role and/or a proven track record are typically expected for this level of position.
      -          Proven digital and excellent written/communication skills are typically essential.
      -          Knowledge of online media trends and strategies is a must.

      -          Usually a degree level or equivalent qualification in a media based subject is required, unless the level of experience is high enough.

      -          Typical salaries for a mid to senior level role start at £35k and increase depending on experience, level of responsibility and location.

Other Popular Job Titles Involving Social Media

Job Title
Experience Level
Average Salary
Head of Social Media
Account Executive
Entry Level - Mid
Group Head of Marketing
Social Media and SEO Executive
Marketing Manager
Junior Social Media/Account Executive
Entry Level
Digital Marketing Trainee
Entry Level

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