8 Things To Consider When Writing A Press Release

Writing a press release can be a difficult and daunting task, as you have to grab the attention of the journalist or press associate right from the outset, and continue to impress enough for them to see a potential story. The following 8 pointers will aid you in writing the perfect press release: 

   1.       What is the readership of the media you are sending to? Tailoring the style, language and angle to the publication’s readership will help the journalist to see the relevance of the story within.

   2.       Put yourself in the journalist’s shoes when writing a headline. What might the headline be if you were producing a news story from this release? It will catch the journalist’s attention and bring the information to life.

   3.       Keep quotes and case study information to a minimum. Journalists like to do some of the digging themselves, so make sure the relevant people are available for interview at the time of sending the release.

   4.       Keep playing with the structure of the release until it feels right. Often the first draft will be almost upside down, with the real introduction and essential information in the end paragraphs.

   5.       To be sure you are not reading blind, keep taking breaks from the release and when you go back the flaws will appear. When you go back and no more flaws appear, you know you have got it right.

   6.       Send your release in both plain text and PDF format, to keep everyone happy.

   7.       Attach 2-3 relevant images to the email separate to the press release for ease of access.

   8.       Summarise the main points of the release in the email body, also known as the ‘pitch’, and make sure there is an attention grabbing subject line or else your email might not even be opened.

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