5 Things To Consider When Writing a Pitch for a Press Release

Writing your press release is only half the battle, as publications receive hundreds a day and getting your pitch right is what will determine if the recipient reads on or simply bins it and moves on to the next. Here are 5 things to consider when forming your press release pitch:

1.       Stay On Subject – The subject line should be short and to the point, as it is the first thing the recipient sees, and if it doesn't entice them in then your email will be straight in the bin.

2.       Keep Them Keen – From your subject, right down to the main body of the email, you need to give them just enough information to keep them interested, but not enough that they don’t want to see the main event, i.e. the press release you worked so hard on.

3.       Keep It Short – Every aspect of your pitch needs to be kept short, as it can be easy to ramble on and end up rewriting the press release. Remember the pitch is just a starter to wet the appetite, and the press release is the main course.

4.       Bullets Are Best – If you are struggling to summarise the key aspects of the release, then use bullet points. These give you a guide as to how much to write, and can help you to better summarise each point.

5.       Don’t Forget The Release – Refer back to the attached press release at least once in the email pitch. Don’t go overboard, but a couple of references to the pitch, one near the beginning and a final closing reference are ideal.

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