Tips for Getting Maximum Exposure for an Online Press Release

Online press releases are commonly used to market and promote websites and online services, and the creation and distribution of an online press release is much easier than that of a traditional one. Because the release is designed to be used online it allows for much more creativity and the use of extra processes to help in maximising exposure. The following is a guide to the techniques you can use to gain maximise exposure of your online press release:

Search Engine Optimize Your Release

As mentioned before, the beauty of an online press release is the freedom of extras you can utilise to improve exposure that you wouldn’t be able to use with a normal press release, and the most important of those extras is search engine optimisation.

This is commonly done by ensuring there are low to medium popularity key words and phrases throughout the press release, right from title through to the last lines. The reason for not using high popularity key words and phrases is due to the competition you would face, as many larger companies will monopolise the most popular ones, meaning your press release would never have a chance of ranking any higher than the 100th page.

Anchored Text

Place links back to pages of your website that are relevant to what you are referring to within the main body of the press release. For example, if the release is about your company’s new life saving product then place a link directly to the product page as well as one to your company home page, so people can see who you are as a company and the product in question without having to search for it themselves.

Also ensure the anchored text (text which contains the link back to the website) is short and keyword rich. For example anchoring a long and stretched out sentence such as ‘X launch new Y product which will save lives by doing Z, A and B’ is too much, and search engines will not pick up on this as well as they would a short and keyword rich text anchored text such as ‘X launch lifesaving Y product’. In this sentence you could even get away with putting two anchors, one from ‘X’, the company name, back to the company’s home page and another from ‘Y product’, the new product in question, back to the direct product page. Search engines will love both of these because they are short and hold keywords that they can easily pick up on.

Meta Tags

Another great way to optimize your release is to not only consider the external surface, i.e. what people will see when they click on your release. There is also the internal, ‘behind the scenes’ area where META tags can be utilised to further get your release noticed by search engines.

Distributing Your Release

Once you are happy with your release and the SEO efforts within it, you then need to get it onto as many different domains throughout the web as possible. No doubt you will be sending it to relevant news websites’ publishers, but you can’t guarantee getting on all of those, if any.

So to ensure you get maximum exposure for your release, send the finished article to some article libraries. These are websites specially designed for companies to send in their content to aid with their SEO efforts. The majority of them have various different categories that articles fit under, so simply ensure there is a category on the site that is relevant to your topic (some article libraries will specialise in certain categories, others will be completely open) and send your piece in. Some top article libraries and directories are The Everyday Business Online, Ezine Articles Directory, Buzzle, Go Articles and Article Dashboard to name just a few, but do some digging as there are plenty more great ones out there.

Also, look for relevant blogs and bloggers on the web that are popular and might be interested in posting your piece. Blogs are much  more laid back than regular news websites, and often bloggers are more than happy to post other people’s content as ‘guest blogs’. But be prepared to offer them something in return, such as a link on your website to their blog, or some other form of favour to recompense them for their kindness.

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