The Top 4 Channels For Building An Online Community

Building an online community for your brand is one of the best ways to reach your consumers and give them a voice. It makes them feel valued and empowered, whilst giving you the ability to get to know them and utilise that information in future product or service creation, marketing and more. Here are the top 4 channels for building a successful online community.

       1.       Facebook – The one social network where age, geographic location, vocation and interest does not dictate who is on the network. It has the most varied patrons of any social network, and therefore is a great place to start when building a brand’s online community.

      2.       LinkedIn – This one tends to be more useful if your brand is of a B2B nature, as you will find most businesses, along with their employees and owners on here.

       3.       Blogs – The blogging community is an every growing one, and many people enjoy following and commenting on blogs as much as they enjoy social networking, meaning you can use this to encourage consumers to voice opinions on topics relating to your brand.

       4.       YouTube – Depending on what your brand offers, YouTube can be useful for creating a community. If videos such as tutorials, case studies, adverts, etc. are something that would work for your brand, set up a channel on YouTube and post them on there, with encouragement for people to comment and share.  

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