SoLoMo: 7 Things To Consider

SoLoMo is the newest trends to sweep the marketing world and is based on three key factors: social media, location-targeted advertising and geo-tagging, and mobile device usage. These three key areas have all been on the rise over the last decade and are all becoming integrated into our daily lives and habits, making SoLoMo, a combination of all three, the obvious next step for the marketing industry. Here are important points to consider:

     1.       91% of adults and 50% of young people (16-24) now own and use a smart mobile device.
     2.       The top three uses for smart mobile devices are internet browsing, email and social networking.
     3.       Facebook has the greatest impact over any other social network on consumer’s buying behaviour.
     4.       2,000 people ‘check-in’ per minute using FourSquare
     5.       18% of smartphone users regularly use location-based apps and services to find a local retail outlet.
     6.       20% of Google searches involve location information.
     7.       With these figures in mind, SoLoMo can be used to research and monitor your target market, and provide highly targeted and better quality communication between you and your consumers. 

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