Content Curation: 7 Things You Should Know

content curation marketing business      1.       Content curation sourcing the best content relevant to your business, and using this to build a personal, value added and compelling new piece of content.
      2.       If done properly, content curation can be one of the most successful and worthwhile marketing strategies at your disposal and can benefit your business no end.

      3.       Quality is crucial. Take the time to ensure all the original content is of high quality, as is the personalised added information. If the content is not high quality right from the word go, the process of content curation will not be a success.

      4.       Email marketing is one of the best ways to implement content curation, as when put into the form of an e-newsletter it directly reaches a relevant and interested audience.

      5.       When using content curation in blogging, use alert tools such as Google Alerts to keep you up to date on additional information regarding the original content, as well as giving you new topics for future curated posts.

      6.       Online magazines allow you to reach people outside of your email marketing database. Tools such as, and Storify all allow you to create free online magazines.

      7.       Content curation is not simply limited to articles. Pinterest and Instagram’s growing popularity mean curation and sharing of images and videos is ever more popular. 

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