Tips and Tricks For Better Business Blogging

tips and tricks for blogging for business blogsBeware. Creating a blog for your business and populating it with relevant and interesting content will not have an instant return. You have to be in it for the long haul, and keep putting optimised and engaging content out there if you expect to get any return, but once it does catch on, it is worth all the time and efforts you put in. In effect, you are building online real estate. The following tips will help you optimise the return on your business blogging:

SEO Research
Search engine optimisation is key in getting your blog seen, and most importantly seen by a relevant and interested audience. SEO is the largest part of the blogging battle, but once you get it right, the return is worthwhile. Most people opt to use just one keyword in their attempts to rank in Google and other search engines. However, an approach that is underestimated but all the more effective is to research the one main keyword, and pick out variations of this word with lower competition in the SEO ranking stakes to also be included in the blog post.

Collective Content
Yes, you will originally have the article written for your business blog. But putting it solely on your blog will not generate nearly enough traffic. Make use of free traffic generating resources across the web, such as article directories, social media channels, or build a page on popular ‘How To’ sites such as HubPages and Squidoo, and post the articles to them too. More platforms equal more traffic.

Capture Leads
The main focus of your business blogging strategies should be encouraging visitors to put their email address and/or contact details into a lead capture page. This allows you to follow up leads with an auto responder email sequence, build relationships with potential customers, and eventually turn them into actual customers, even if they don’t purchase anything on the first visit.

 Variety is the Spice of Life
Don’t stick to what everyone else is doing or telling you is ‘the new sure fire method’ when it comes to trying to rank high in Google. The Google algorithm constantly changes, so keep things mixed up if you want to keep up. Don’t stick to one particular blog post length, or always put keywords in the title, and likewise don’t always avoid these particular techniques. Quantity and variety are as important as quality, so write a variety blog posts that are a variety of lengths and styles on all different topics, and just keep getting them out there on all manner of platforms.

Try to keep blogging at least every other day if not every single day, even if it’s just a short and sweet news update about your business, and don’t be overly worried if you aren’t getting instant high rankings and sales. The practices detailed above need constant effort and patience for them to work, and when they do, you will be glad you stuck at it!

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