LinkedIn comes of Age – UK Prime Minister Dave Cameron signs up

This article was provided to me by Lauren Dew of TOUCHDOWNPR.

It was recently announced that David Cameron has joined LinkedIn (, adding fuel to the argument that a full social media profile extends beyond Facebook and Twitter.

But is LinkedIn purely a resource for business networking and job opportunities, or like its younger social media compatriots, is there a scope for brands to reach and engage prospective customers with well-targeted marketing offers?

StrongMail feels that LinkedIn is a marketing resource that has been un-tapped as of yet, and today announced a new version of its word-of-mouth acquisition solution, StrongMail Influencer, to address this.

By allowing marketers to launch an interactive referral marketing programme from any website or email, the product makes it easy for consumers to recommend products or services via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or through email. With enhanced reporting features that add email open rates to standard click and conversion data provided by the system, marketers can identify their biggest influencers and the total reach of their programme across multi-generational sharing activity.