Monkeys that make life simple

I work with a tribe of monkeys. That’s not an insult to my co-workers, but the simple truth.

The monkeys in my life include:

Mailchimp is a great way to send many emails at the same time. The basic service is free and you can get reports to see
•    How many people opened your email
•    How many bounces (soft or hard)
•    How many people clicked through to the links in your email

This online software also includes A B testing. This means that you can test an email with two different headlines to see which one works best. Mailchimp sends the email to 20% of your target list. 10% receive subject one and the other 10% subject two. Based on the responses, the remaining 80% receive the email with the best subject line.

Mailchimp offers much more from

SurveyMonkey is a free online questionnaire and survey software. If you’re new to surveys it contains a tutorials section with helpful guides like How to create a survey  and Tips to improve response rates

The reason I use SurveyMonkey is because it allows me to collect the data in many different ways:

The paid-for version allows you to export the responses into an excel sheet for further analysis. The free version lets you look at the responses on screen.

Parcel Monkey
When I’m posting copies of my books, or sending large parcels, I use Parcel Monkey. It’s an online courier service where you get to choose the carrier (e.g. City Link, Parcelforce, DHL etc), service needed, book and pay for online.

There are other services like this available, the reasons that I return to Parcel Monkey are:

That’s my tribe of monkeys. Are there any other monkeys you know about that I should include?

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