Online Innovations

A few recent online innovations that have crossed my path. NetCheck from NetCheck is a free tool that lets you assess how effectively you’re using the Internet compared to the competition (companies of a similar size and sector). It’s divided into three short sections: Listening to customers; Growing Your Business and Cutting costs at the end of the questionnaire you can see how your answers compare with other businesses that have taken the NetCheck and share some expert tips on other smart things you could be doing. Interesting quiz, simplistic tool and difficult to see how this could have a real impact on businesses. Alamy Not strictly speaking a tool, but a German stockphoto website. Some creative images, but you need to speak German to navigate the site. What’s also interesting on this site is that there is a ‘find a photographer’ section. MyCube Coming soon – a way to monetise the web. Still in beta and my version isn’t working ;) Want more Quick Wins? Buy the book. Buy the app.

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