Twitter Backgrounds and Twitter Pages - Useful list

Twitter Pages - what's your view?

Recently I have explored Twitter backgrounds. They are only really useful where people are using as their Twitter client.

This started as I had a new profile photo and wanted to replace the older image on my current Twitter page so decided to take the plunge and pay $163 for a professional background from Tweetpages as they were recommended in " Twitter Power" by Joel Comm. But sadly my experience was not good and the wheels really did fall off the process.

To help you with your Twitter pages - if you feel it's worth a custom page, I looked around at a few other twitter pages and have created this list that you might find useful if you’re considering a new Twitter background page.


Plenty of personalisation options and can URLs to Website, LinkedIn, bookmarking and blog.

$4.99 to remove twitbacks logo

$4.99 to personalise background colours

Large images and no space to add company or personal details, but quite funky.

Twitter Background Creator can be trialled free and installed for $9.99. You can upload up to 4 pictures in your favourite design. I thought this looked quite good, but the links to the $9.99 option were not existent when I tried this.

They also sell custom backgrounds for $89 with a guaranteed 3 day turnaround which sounds impressive. Might give them a try.

Can browse by colour as well as collections which is useful if you’re looking for a specific colour. Most options are simply large images with an instant download. Lots of rock and pop themes, plenty of arty options too.

Free of charge, but no space to add company or personal details

Free images and for $25 you can have their logo removed.

A custom option is offered for $79.

Another free option - Template to download

See how to Design a free custom background for twitter using Powerpoint or Open Office Template from @MercianLabels

DIY Twitter Pages

There is always the DIY option where you create your own and work on a width of 1040px and to ensure it’s 100% viewable on all types of screens. That’s just a slim 41px on each side.

What’s your experience? Have you opted for DIY, a paid-for service or something else. Please share! How did it work, what did you like and dislike?

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