Will Foursquare survive Facebook Deals?

Foursquare is the ultimate in mobile loyalty cards. Forget loading the wallet with more plastic, just carry your mobile phone and every time you ‘check in’ to a venue you collect points.

And what’s more, gain public recognition as the most frequent visitors are promoted to Mayor which brings additional benefits from free coffee to discounts and special offers.

Some people are saying that Foursquare is where Twitter was two years’ ago. Just before tipping point, I’m not so sure. Twitter didn’t have the Facebook goliath waiting in the wings ready to launch an equivalent type of location based service. Facebook is now trialling ‘Deals’ in the USA, launched just a few weeks ago and it’s very clever.

Facebook Deals is similar to Foursquare but with an extended product offer. Firstly it encourages you to join up with your friends for a deal (Friends deal). The altruistic out there can check-in and get the business to donate to charity (Charity deals) of if you’re after a bargain; the Individual deals promote offers, such as the Gap jeans promotion in the US. And there’s the reward card, Loyalty deals, for money off, free coffees and the like.

Sounds similar to Foursquare?

What are you using Foursquare of Facebook? And will Foursquare create new deals to fight back?

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