TweetDeck features you might not know about

Here are some amends or TweetDeck features that you may not know about:

Hide people’s tweets using TweetDeck

Click on the settings icons.

Choose Global Filter and you can hide tweets from specific people, tweets containing certain words or from sources such as Facebook.

Type in people’s Twitter name separated by a comma and click on Save settings. These will disappear from your All Friends column. If you want to add more filters or edit your current ones, just go back to settings in TweetDeck and amend, add or delete existing filters.

Schedule updates

Click on the clock icon next to the Send button. You will need to create a TweetDeck account if you don’t already have one.

Update sites from TweetDeck

Updates sites direct from TweetDeck including Google Buzz and Foursquare. (TweetDeck also updates Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn).

Creating additional columns for Mentions

If you are looking after more than one Twitter account, ensure that you have added the account so it will show that the top of TweetDeck next to From: You can then add a column to view Mentions for that Twitter account. Click on the + sign to add a new column, select the Twitter icon next to Using Account and choose the required account from the drop down menu. Next click on Core under Add column: and choose Mentions. A new column will appear on TweetDeck.

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